Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day to Cross Off Your List…


Grocery store flowers. Come on, the woman who birthed you deserves more than a $5 bouquet of daisies you noticed next to the donuts. If you’re going to give flowers, think florist. Or give a pot of live flowers that she can enjoy all summer long.

Small appliances. Just because your mom is still using the beat up toaster she got on her wedding day does not mean she needs a new one on Mother’s Day. Besides, giving your mom a toaster just says, “Mom, make me some toast.”

Exercise equipment. Even if your mom works out every day and looks like a Greek goddess, do not give her new workout gear. You may as well tell her she's fat to her face. She can buy her own workout gadgets, thank you very much.

DIY facials. Sure there’s lots of pampering goodies to be found at make-up section of Target, but if you really want to surprise mom, send her to a spa.

Coupons for chores. You and she both know these coupons will never be redeemed. If you want to offer your time and labor, do it on Mother’s Day.

Anything from the Dollar Store. Just turn around slowly and put down the 99 cent garden gnome. You’ll thank us later.

Read the whole list HERE.


Posted on May 07, 2012

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