Dawson McAllister Live


Dawson McAllister Live is a talk show hosted by internationally recognized, youth communicator, Dawson McAllister, where teenagers and young adults can talk about the problems they are facing including divorce, depression, cutting, suicide, drug addictions, eating disorders, homosexuality, and family issues. During his 35 year career, Dawson has spoken to millions of teenagers and young adults through television, student conferences, and radio. Compelled by the growing need of hurting young callers, Dawson created TheHopeLine — an off-air call center where one-on-one conversations might truly effect change in the lives of the callers. NGEN radio is excited to partner with TheHopeLine in order to continue Powering a World of Good! 


Watch this video to see a true story of how Dawson McAllister Live and TheHopeLine are Powering a World of Good !